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-by Chetan Vakharia After trying times like covid, previously experienced normal is like a breath of fresh air. Even the perspectives to look at things have changed. A simple example can be that of a Mela, in India, which famously lights up at night. People hanging out and about and children having fun were never […]

The Debris Collection

– by Prabhakaran, A total of 6,926 two-wheelers, 215 autorickshaws, and 272 light motor vehicles were seized within the 24 hours of lockdown. The cases were registered between 6 am on 22nd June to 6 am on June 23rd. Due to the lockdown, the city police of Chennai have created multiple checkpoints across the city. […]

Men of the Mundane

– by Prarthna Bisht The blessed and mystical lands of Ladakh lay the quest of a simple life, with the dawn of each new sunrise. After scourging through the daunting terrains of higher lands for months to feed their cattle, the nomadic shepherds of Tsamartsay village return to their homes during extreme winters. The focus, being […]

In search of the millennium sky

– by Amit Sharma Gurgaon, The Millennium City was born when concrete and steel started taking over the farms and fields for corporate urbanization. These man-made hyper-structures resulted in mass migrations in the city. To build, work, manage, and dwell.  Amidst the imposing brutalist architecture, one can see nature jostling for survival and space. The […]

Leica SL 2 Camera

– by Ayushi Gupta, Has anyone ever pondered what camera is the priciest one available? And what gives it such a high value? So, this is where the answer is. One believes that the Leica cameras deserve the reputation of the costliest cameras in the world. They are the ideal illustration of what money is […]

Investing in a new camera

-Image credit Wikipedia, Are you considering purchasing a new camera? Are you tired of the same old DSLR? Leica cameras are the perfect solution. They are not only aesthetically pleasing, but they also offer high-quality images. Leica cameras have a unique history dating back to 1914. The company began as an optical company and then […]

What is street photography?

-Image credit Rohit Vohra, Leica M Camera System Is street photography the same as candid photography? Street photography is a genre of photography that captures unguarded moments in public places. Candid photography is a subset of street photography that captures unposed, unplanned moments candidly. Candid photography is all about capturing natural, unplanned moments. It is […]

DJI joins the L-Mount Alliance

DJI Joins The L-Mount Alliance The L-Mount Alliance is growing. DJI is a market leading manufacturer of camera drones, gimbals, and cameras and is now officially a new member of the L-Mount Alliance. DJI has partnered with Leica to introduce the exclusive Zenmuse X9 L-Mount Unit. This means that as of now, users of the […]

Rail journeys

-by Chandra Prakash I’ve always liked capturing candid moments of people. Recently, I took myself on trip across Chennai City to take pictures, also where I live, because why not, one need not travel to a specific location to capture awe-inspiring moments. I wanted to do some candid photography so I took a thirty-kilometer train […]

Leica Pre-Owned Camera – Leica Store India

Pre-Owned Leica products carry with them a legacy, capturing stories which have shaped perspectives and influenced how we see the world. And they’re the perfect introduction to the fascinating world of Leica photography. A world that for over 100 years has focused on a commitment to enduring quality. Sharing the joy of Leica photography from […]