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-by Shalini Passi

Ladakh offers a scenic landscape ranging from mountains, deep valleys to breathtaking stupas located on higher planes. My visit to Ladakh was fueled by my fascination towards mountains which started when I used to indulgently paint them, growing up. The union territory is certainly a photographer’s paradise with such a distinctive culture and topography. I have visited several scenic places globally, but Ladakh’s beauty is unparalleled. There is a certain soulfulness that it overtures which is difficult to define with few words and can only be experienced. Leica helped me capture this terrain beautifully, from yaks adorned with colorful textiles and accessories, to the deep blue water at Pangong, the processed images surpassed my expectations.

Red, white and yellow from religious sacrosancta and blues, ochre from the deep valleys and high planes are dominant colors in the region.

My whole experience in Ladakh has been positively overwhelming and a much needed break after the pandemic constraints since last year.

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