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Stylish design meets timeless elegance


New Delhi, 24th June, 2021: Good design sets a product apart! It harmonizes function, form and material. Transforms complexity into simplicity and elegance. And can be timeless yet with its own distinct identity. The Leica M camera—manufactured in Wetzlar, Germany—is just such a product with just such a design. The Leica-M’s latest design variant features a glossy black finish which after years of use reveals the brass at the corners and edges. This inimitable patina further emphasizes the camera’s individual character. And tells its own personal story.

The latest member of the M-family perfectly encapsulates the quality and craftsmanship for which the Leica brand is known. Technically, the Leica “M10-R, black paint finish” boasts the same standards as the original M10-R. But the special edition is very different where design is concerned. Aside from its high-gloss finish—there are further details that make it stand out in its series. Take the Leica logo, for example. On this model, designers had the Leica script elegantly engraved on the cover cap. What is more, the dials have been shaped exquisitely. And by dispensing with the red Leica dot—the effect is understatement in its purest form.

For more than 40 years, Leica has brought out limited editions of its products. These special models are all exceptional. Unique. And with perfectly matched accessories. Some are even designed in collaboration with well-known artists who love their photography. Lenny Kravitz and Daniel Craig—for example. There is a number of prominent Leica enthusiasts, who are time and again seen carrying their Leica camera. Jason Momoa, Jude Law, Miley Cyrus, Brad Pitt—the list goes on.

Connoisseurs from all over the world frequently pay high prices at auctions for black paint cameras patinated from constant use. Just recently, a black painted analog Leica M2 including Summicron lens and leather case in good condition achieved a top price of 96,000 Euros at the Leitz Photographica Auction. A black painted M3, from a 1962 batch of 150 cameras with matching lens, sold for 55,000 Euros. As these examples show, the special models of the Leica M are very interesting collectibles as well.

A fascination with photography: for more than 100 years
Its quite fascinating…to be able to capture a moment, shape it, immortalize it…so that a unique image may be experienced for eternity. Roughly 100 years ago, Oskar Barnack had a groundbreaking idea that would change photography forever. He developed an 35mm camera able to capture 24 x 36 mm frames: the original Leica. Small, robust, and easy to operate, it paved the way for photography as we know it today.

For over a century, famous photographers from all over the world—the likes of Henri Cartier Bresson, Elliott Erwitt, Steve McCurry and many more—have preserved unique moments with their Leica cameras.

Whether used professionally, artistically, or simply for documenting life, all Leica cameras have one thing in common: They enable photographers to focus on what is most important—the perfect picture.

And its precisely with this in mind that Leica Camera AG develops cameras. All made from the best materials and still to this day assembled by hand for guaranteed reliability and value a lifetime long.

Leica always focuses on the sustainability of its products. So even today, lenses from the 1950s can still be used on the latest Leica M-cameras. Leica’s precision optical tools are timeless companions with impeccable quality and longevity guaranteed.

The Leica “M10-R, black paint finish” is available in Leica Stores, the Leica Online Store, and from specialist retailers. The Leica M10-R, black paint finish is priced at ₹7,75,000 in India.

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