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-by Nozer Kasad

Shooting Macro with the D-Lux 4

I have always been a fan of compact cameras for the obvious advantage of them being less bulky and easy to carry around and travel with… a gadget that is specifically designed for taking photographs rather than relying on my cell phone to click pictures.

Here’s what I loved about shooting with the D-Lux 4:

  1. Ability to shoot raw image format in a compact camera was an absolute delight!
  2. Manual control over exposure settings
  3. User-friendly design and operating system with well-placed control buttons
  4. The look and finish of the camera was good and the little red Leica logo on the camera was surely a head turner!
  5. Wide open aperture of f/2 – f/2.8 …useful!
  6. Very good dynamic range and excellent details.
  7. Hot shoe attachment for external flash or trigger.

Macro photography being my field of interest I put the camera to the test with outstanding results! I feel the camera was ahead of its time and can still beat many modern-day compact cameras in a lot of many ways.

Leica raises the bar and creates a gold standard in imaging technology!

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