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A year that was anything but stagnant.

The passionate empowerment of those ignored, the haunting serenity of empty city streets, the majesty of nature. A leap year filled with surprises.

As the world adapted to new norms, lockdown became not just the word of the year, but a means to explore creativity for some and time to strengthen the bonds with family and loved ones.

The world witnessed low levels of pollution in some countries, a series of super moons and a few blue moons, political firsts and then bid adieu to one of its favourite Bonds.

A rise in political activism for social and environmental issues, equality, feminism and cultural diversity grew as did our appreciation for life itself.

2020 has been a test of the deepest emotions of humanity.

A raw time, stripping away filters, exposing the fragility of life.

And perhaps, best told and evoked through photography.

As a Leica Storyteller, what made 2020 for you?
Tell us and get featured in the final cut of Leica India presents 20 of 2020.

Submissions must be made by midnight, 6 Dec 2020 via e-mail to:

Photographs need to be shot in 2020 and made with a Leica.

Selected photographs will be exhibited at the Gallery in Leica Store India from 11 Dec 2020 onwards.

Leica India reserves the right, at its sole discretion to change, modify the terms of Leica India 20 of 2020.

By taking part in the series, participants agree to be bound by the decisions of company personnel. Persons who violate any rule, gain unfair advantage or use fraudulent means will be disqualified.


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